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The Law Office of Marc L. Weber is a real estate, business law, estate and tax planning law firm for businesses and individuals who want to feel secure about their legal matters through personal, prompt and reasonably priced legal counsel and services.

Any lawyer can advise, but Marc Weber’s clients don’t have to worry because they’re on a firm foundation.

The Law Office of Marc L. Weber represents businesses, business owners, trade associations, family estates, trusts, real estate owners and individuals. We also serve and have served national chains and local restaurant businesses.

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Law Office Of Marc L. Weber | Business Law Attorney In Santa Ana, CA

Business is good. Maybe you’re a sole proprietor working on your own for now, but with big dreams to expand. Maybe you own a mid-sized business that is growing, and you want to make the right moves. Or maybe you are the CEO and founder of a large corporation. One thing that sole proprietors, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, companies, corporations, and multi-nationals all have in common—they all need a business law attorney at times.

Some business owners may need assistance in the early stage of launching their startup. Perhaps you are a true visionary, but need help with writing a business plan to present to new interested investors so you nail your presentation. Perhaps you are currently making a great product but need to move everything into the protection of an LLC, and need help setting that up. Maybe you need help with licensing or setting up an S-corp. There are a million facets to a business and the organization and structure of it, and a skilled business law attorney can handle it all for you, or individual pieces that you want to ensure go smoothly, to avoid potential errors and possible litigation nightmares. Your business law attorney in Santa Ana, CA has the answers.

But a business law attorney can also help you with more extreme situations, such as lawsuits filed by former, current, or even prospective employees, based on hiring, discrimination, termination, work environment, etc. A business law attorney can help with local, state, and federal investigations or complaints alleging potential law violations.

Essentially, a business law attorney in Santa Ana, CA can help you with any potential ‘problem’ for your business, from alleged violations, to complaints and suits, to environmental issues, negotiation of the sale of your business or company, and/or acquisitions (of other businesses, companies, or assets, etc.), and so much more. No matter what your issue, concern, or problem, if it’s about business, a business law attorney in Santa Ana, CA can help.

Law Office Of Marc L. Weber | Probate Attorney In Santa Ana, CA

Probate is the court-supervised process that handles authentication of the last will and testament of a deceased individual. The probate process includes the location of the deceased’s assets and the determination of the value of those assets, paying the deceased’s final bills and taxes, and then distributing any remainder of the estate to any and all rightful beneficiaries.

You really cannot take it with you, as they say. When someone passes on, their passing leaves a lot of questions, complications, and potential problems behind for loved ones to handle. If there was no will in place, then things will be even worse potentially as many decisions will be left to the courts to decide, which may or may not be remedied according to your deceased loved one’s wishes. But regardless if there is or isn’t a will in place, probate may be necessary.

To understand whether you’ll need to go through the probate process you must consider the kind of assets in the estate as well as the total monetary value of estate property. There are a lot of factors to consider and the easiest way to ensure that you’re taking care of it legally, and properly, so mistakes don’t come back to bite you later, is to hire a seasoned probate attorney in Santa Ana, CA.

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Law Office Of Marc L. Weber | Estate Planning Lawyer In Santa Ana, CA

Life is exciting. Each day can bring new opportunities, as well as challenges. Each day can bring laughs and love, happiness and joy, but it can also bring stress and anxiety, and problems. How we handle it all is important, because while life is a gift, it is also unpredictable. And because it is so unpredictable, we must plan for it as best we can. And the best way to do that is to draw up an estate plan that will be there to answer questions if you cannot.

Americans work hard and play hard. And when life gets busy, we may forget to think about things that we feel are ‘down the road,’ for some ‘other day’ in the distant future. However, injuries, accidents, and… death, can happen at any time. We just don’t know what the future holds, so we should take every day in, treat it as a gift, and enjoy it. Planning for the future can provide comfort; it can provide an ease of mind that will allow you to enjoy life knowing that if that day comes when you do suffer an injury or accident, you’re prepared.

An estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana, CA can help you draft an estate plan that will answer important questions for you, when you are unable to. An estate plan can protect your family and provide for their security in the event you were to pass away. A seasoned estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana, CA can help you to plan, strategize, and secure your family’s future.

An estate plan can dictate how assets will be divided when you pass, as well as when they are distributed, and how. And the estate plan will consider how to do it all while paying the lowest possible amount in taxes, legal fees, and court costs. A comprehensive estate plan does so much more than that however. A thorough estate plan can also include instructions for your care if you become disabled or incapacitated for any reason. It can name a guardian and designate an inheritance manager for your minor children; provide for family members who have special needs without ending their government benefits; handle insurance issues; provide for the clean transfer of your business due to retirement, disability, or death; and even include instructions for passing along your values, etc.

Whether you’re young or old, wealthy or living paycheck to paycheck, you need an estate plan in place, because no one knows what the future holds. Being prepared will give you peace of mind.

A Real Estate Lawyer In Santa Ana, CA You Can Count On!

There are many reasons you might want to hire a skilled real estate lawyer in Santa Ana, CA, beyond just monitoring a standard real estate transaction, though that is clearly a time in which you may want to have one on your side. First and foremost, your real estate lawyer should have a complete and thorough understanding of all the rules, regulations, and pending amendments, etc. that pertain to real estate and real estate transactions. When an issue, problem, or situation arises, your real estate lawyer will intervene on your behalf.

Whether you have a zoning issue; are dealing with a mortgage problem; need assistance with the transfer of deeds and titles; need a verification as to whether a commercial or residential property has a lien, restrictive covenant, or another potentially serious legal issue—your real estate lawyer can help you navigate those potentially perilous problems, and so much more.

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Corporate Law, Taxes & Finance | Working For You—Law Office Of Marc L. Weber, Attorney At Law

In today’s global marketplace the competition has increased, the laws have become more complex and binding, and in some cases the profit margins have thinned. To stay on top, you simply cannot afford to make mistakes, or any mistake for that matter. You need to consider every facet of your business, and whether you’re running a small mom and pop shop or a Fortune 500 corporation, at some point you’re going to need the assistance of a corporate lawyer, tax attorney, or finance lawyer in Santa Ana, CA.


Corporate lawyers in Santa Ana, CA oversee all kinds of issues and transactions. From assisting startups to launch safely into competitive, bustling markets fraught with legal minefields; to negotiating acquisitions; to advising on matters pertaining to legal rights, governance and operations, general responsibilities, and obligations—corporate lawyers handle a wide range of issues.


And whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate CEO, taxes are a common fact of business that every business must contend with. A tax attorney in Santa Ana, CA can assist businesses and business owners with a wide assortment of issues. A seasoned tax attorney will understand all the existing tax laws and know how to put them to work for you, to ease financial burdens whenever legally possible. Skilled tax attorneys might choose to utilize trusts, gifts, or other tax planning structures to lower the burden of income taxes and/or estate taxes. And your tax attorney in Santa Ana, CA can develop investment strategies that will help you grow your bottom line.


Finance law is the third branch of the business law shield that every business and corporation, no matter how big or small, needs to succeed. Finance lawyers can assist with a range of financial matters, from restructurings, to project financing, real estate and private equity financing, banking issues, and so much more. Talk to your team and get a sense of your upcoming year, your five-year plan, etc., to best understand how you want to grow, and make your finance lawyer aware of your goals.

When considering which finance lawyer in Santa Ana, CA to choose, it’s important to get a sense of their past dealings. When you meet with a finance lawyer, ask them to provide an overview of real world situations and transactions they have been involved with. Inquire about their past clients and how successful they were in satisfying the clients’ needs.

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