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For over forty years, attorney Marc L. Weber has been practicing law in California. Serving residents throughout Los Angeles and other cities in Southern California, he has become well-known as a knowledgeable attorney who simply gets the job done. He has provided legal assistance to hundreds of clients who must navigate the intricacies of business law on their path to success. Attorney Weber understands the challenges and rewards that every business owner and entrepreneur is likely to face. He also knows where the pitfalls lie, and how to avoid them. Read on for an overview of some important topics in business law in Los Angeles, CA.

Starting A Business In Los Angeles, CA

When looking to form a business, there are many options to choose from and many decisions that must be made. Each option affords a set of benefits and drawbacks that must be compared against the overall short and long-term goals of the client(s) involved. For this reason, it is best to consult with an experienced business law attorney before, during, and after the creation of a business plan.

One of the most critical steps in the process is choosing the business structure that best suits the needs of the individual case at hand. For example, for a person who aims to exercise complete control over the operations of a business and can accept the tax and liability consequences of this, a sole proprietorship may be the best option. If two individuals want to jointly assume the liability and income of a business, then a general partnership may be the best option. Attorney Marc L. Weber has spent decades advising people on which business entity in Los Angeles, CA may address their needs best.

Merging Or Acquiring A Business In Los Angeles, CA

The difference between a merger and acquisition as it applies to business law is a source of confusion for many. While both processes reach the same end goal, there are important distinctions between the two. A merger occurs when two companies join to become one company, and an acquisition occurs when one company purchases another company. In both cases, the consequences are significant and affect stakeholders, employees, and customers alike. For a thorough explanation of each process and an understanding of how each process operates under the law in Los Angeles, CA, speak with a seasoned business law attorney such as Marc L. Weber.

Encountering Business Disputes In Los Angeles, CA

Business disputes are almost always inevitable and potentially very detrimental to the life of the business or businesses involved. Disputes can be minimized with the right type of planning and assistance from an experienced business law attorney, but the chances of them arising can never be completely eliminated. They can arise during the formation, development, merger, or acquisition of a business, and can affect all members of a business, including employees, owners, stakeholders, and customers.

The best way to approach these types of issues will depend on the type of dispute at hand. For example, a disagreement that arises from within a company will be handled differently than a disagreement that arises between a company and a contractor of that company. Some of the most common disputes include partnership, employment, business-to-business, and breach-of-contract disputes. In every circumstance, advice from a business law attorney is well-advised. The earlier the better; if an issue can be identified and addressed before it has a chance to develop, there may very well be a significant amount of time and money saved. In addition, one of the most valuable aspects of a business can be maintained: the reputation. The attorneys at the Law Office of Marc L. Weber in Los Angeles, CA help clients resolve disputes quickly and with minimal damage so they can get back to business.

Business Law In Los Angeles, CA

The laws in California are always changing, which is why it’s a good idea for any business owner in Los Angeles to have a business law attorney on retainer. Most business owners have a single goal in mind: grow and foster their business to keep their clients happy. Attorney Marc L. Weber makes it a priority to stay current on and aware of incoming and potential changes in the law that may affect his clients.

In 2019, small businesses were affected by a number of changes to California law. These changes involved a range of matters, including the mandatory selling of non-breeder purchased animals, license plate requirements on company vehicles, the legality of selling homemade foods, overtime pay for workers in the agricultural field, smog check requirements that apply to cars for sale, the prohibition of single-use plastic straws, and mandated accommodations for nursing mothers.

Don’t hesitate to contact attorney Marc L. Weber today with any and all of your business law-related questions.

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